About The Unlikely Mr Rogue

Gutsy. The punches come straight from the shoulder, leaving a lot of blood on the floor.
Mac Maharaj

Pillay’s roller coaster journey from the trenches in exile to heading SARS to becoming Mr Rogue…captivating, unmissable and a prescribed read.
Jacques Pauw

Sympathetic, frank, with a keen eye and sharp pen, Comrade Groenink has no truck with privilege or pretence. She plainly holds not only her co-protagonist in her affection but also his country. Her common sense, wry humour and occasional flashes of irony enable her to give her reader a close-up view of a remarkable man doing remarkable things, this against an even more remarkable backdrop. A fascinating read.
Judge Johann Kriegler

When former MK commander Ivan Pillay, then a senior leader at the South African Revenue Service, refused to compromise his ethics, a tale of a ‘Rogue Unit’ at the tax agency was made up to punish him and others who demanded accountability.
Ivan Pillay risked losing every human being’s most treasured position: his reputation. However, it wasn’t his reputation and integrity that should have been on trial, but the limitless greed, toxic power and unbridled corruption of erstwhile comrades.
What are the scars that lie untreated in the souls of those who gave so much? Is the betrayal of the promise of democracy, by the same comrades one fought alongside in the war against apartheid, harder to bear? This book is a brilliant, gentle attempt to answer these complex, vexing questions. It proves that the past is never quite behind us.
Redi Tlhabi

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