Between Bitter Almonds and Good Hope: ZAM special issue

More than two decades after South Africa’s transition to democracy the country is in disarray. The ideals of a revolution – non-racialism, non-sexism, non-tribalism and a constitutional democracy – are being betrayed by an elitist faction under the leadership of president Jacob Zuma. New divisions are being sown to divert attention from greed, abuse of …

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The plunder route to Panama: AIPC investigation

How African oligarchs steal from their countries The Panama Papers revealed that numerous African politicians have stored wealth in off-shore accounts. But how did the money get there? A transnational team of reporters in seven African countries investigated looting by their rulers. WHO WE ARE: The team that did the investigation Click here to download the full …

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The blackness of Jacob Zuma

Mistrust of ‘white capital’ feeds the South African president’s racial populism Originally published in ZAM Chronicle #21 “It’s a single minded onslaught,” says my friend Jakes with emphasis. “The whites in Cape Town. The Afrikaans millionaires. The (mainly white opposition party) DA. The media –they’re also still mostly white, you know that. And who do they want …

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The fair-trade chocolate ripoff

Expensive ‘fair’ chocolate does not benefit cocoa farmers. In a six-month transnational project led by the Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR), journalists hailing from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and the Netherlands investigated the alleged benefits received by cocoa farmers in West Africa via the FAIRTRADE label. Their conclusions are shocking: whilst the chocolate …

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