Incorruptible Joburg Launch

Evelyn Groenink’s explosive revelations in her book “Incorruptible: the story of the murders of Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski and Chris Hani” indicate that these political assassinations were motivated, rather than by racial ideology, by opaque military and financial dealings between former colonial powers and a South Africa in transition in the late eighties and early nineties. The book asks us to contextualise such political dramas within the international political economy, at the level of relationships with specific countries and even companies.

In relation to the present, the question arises whether the life-and-death impact of these relationships only plays out in times of political transition or whether this could still happen today. In the context of ‘Gupta’ bribes to politicians, perhaps, or in the now probably defunct Russian nuclear deal. Looming large over these events, both past and present, is the ever present shadow of the security agencies : foreign ones as well as our own.

Join us for a discussion with author Evelyn Groenink and PARI’s Ivor Chipkin on the questions this book evokes. How is it possible that only now, 30 years after the murder of Dulcie September, and 25 years after the assassination of Chris Hani, the veil is lifted with regards to the motive? How can we attempt to strive for more transparency and equality in South Africa’s global relationships in the post colony?


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