Interview: Keeping the Dream Alive (Daily Maverick)

Marianne Thamm interviewed Evelyn Groenink for the Daily Maverick. Read it here: Keeping the Dream Alive: Evelyn Groenink on the unfinished business of South African democracy

Dulcie September was a schoolteacher. She didn’t approve of those who didn’t finish their homework. In many ways, activist and investigative journalist Evelyn Groenink’s detailed quest to find the truth behind the assassination in 1988 of Dulcie September, the then banned ANC’s representative in Paris, SWAPO activist Anton Lubowski in 1989 and MK commander Chris Hani in 1993, is a bid to complete a task she set out to accomplish almost 30 years ago. Groenink, once a member of the influential Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement and the Dutch Communist party, is married to former deputy SARS Commissioner Ivan Pillay, who is currently being targetted by the NPA.

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