A husband and a new book

Just after launching ‘Incorruptible,’ on March 9, Evelyn Groenink’s husband Ivan Pillay was faced with criminal charges. He stands accused of having led a spying operation at the National Prosecuting Authority’s offices in Pretoria in 2007. He would have done that in his capacity as head of an investigative unit in the South African Revenue Services (SARS) in 2007. The ‘Rogue Unit’ saga has been fully highlighted -and debunked- in South African media and we won’t go into what may motivate prosecutors to make a court case out of it now. (For those who do want to know more, check the ‘Friends of Ivan Pillay’ Facebook page.) But it is important to note that this was now the third time Ivan was in trouble with South Africa’s law enforcement. The first time was when he was seventeen. Later, in the underground resistance against apartheid, he became the target of Security Police murder squads. Now it’s the post-apartheid powers-that-be, or some among these, who seem to want to get rid of him.

The other important thing to note is that Ivan is the subject of Evelyn Groenink’s new book, Ivan.