Tobacco mafia’s infiltration of South African state led to purge of good civil servants

A giant data leak from within the South African tobacco industry presents evidence of large-scale infiltration by the tobacco mafia of the South African police, justice and secret services. The documents, leaked last week by whistle blowers from within the private ‘big tobacco’ -paid research agency Forensic Security Services (FSS) and tweeted from @EspionageSA, show in detail how scores of state officials (171 in total) were paid to sabotage competitors in the tobacco sector. They did this inter alia through unnecessary seizures, blockades and lengthy administrative procedures.

By Bart Lurink for ZAM Magazine. Read it here.

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Mandy’s book of the week

Evelyn was on The Midday Report with Mandy Wiener discussing The Unlikely Mr Rogue. Listen to it here.

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